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With over 40 years of marketing experience we have THE go-to-market skillSet!

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We're a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer that has built hundreds of online marketing programs for a host of clients both here in Canada and around the world too!

From Fortune 500 companies to retail stores and chains, from B2B companies to small service firms and even professionals and consultants too - we have built and optimized sites that have had millions of hits, come up on the first page in search engines and more than that - we build sites that generate new business for our clients day after day.

  • At KKT INTERACTIVE Inc. our mission is to support SMB businesses...
  • We know first hand how much time it takes to operate a small business...
  • We can build your online marketing strategy to increase your revenues...
  • So call us today for a chat about your needs...

Our Skills

    Our client retention rate is over 90%

    Our client revenues have increased by at least 80%

    Our clients average an ROI of 35%

    And we have a customer satisfaction rate of 100%

Our Latest SEO Seminar
Review Survey from HalTECH !

Seminar Attendees comments...

"I think he is a very strong, knowledgeable presenter..."

"A good introduction and thorough overview of the subject matter which gives me enough knowledge to make some business decisions..."

"It showed me that despite a great looking site if not set up correctly people would never find me without knowing the exact url!"

"New information. It was a very professional, to the point, informative and very value-added session..."

"Presentation was very well managed..."

"Gained greater insight and knowledge of how Googles SEO process works..."

"Complex subject well presented..."

"New info learned..."

"Always refreshing to sit in and hear this information again and again..."

"Always good to be up on the latest SEO techniques and tips..."

"Provided more insight into Google EAT & the information prompts us to review some of our current practices..."

"It might be more helpful when we get the presentation but it was a lot of information to cram into a short presentation..."

"He did a great job!"

"Helps to know about content quality for web site building..."

"Very high level overview - not too detailed..."


Our mission is to support small businesses and private organizations via our online marketing services....

Past SEO Clients

We're proud that we have worked for some of the globe's biggest and best & always on time and on budget!

Our SEO Programs/Pricing

We have SEO Packages for both small and medium sized businesses which can be the best marketing idea you've ever found!

Recent Awards and Media

We've been lucky enough to have earned some pretty cool awards...here's the latest...

Our Canadian
SEO Blog

You need to both be able to hypothesize, then test, then analyze, then re-hypontesize, then re-test, then re-analyze...for Google success!

Our Famous
Web Audit

Our SEO Audit involves a full spectrum analysis of your existing web site inside and out, as well as a deep review of your competitive landscape...

Our Amazon
Authors Page....

Please visit our Authors page over at Amazon.ca where we feature just some of the books we've written over the past 30 years!

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We can be YOUR online marketing strategist company!


We live in Hamilton and love our community!

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    Office Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 1392,
       Waterdown, ON
       L0R 2H0

       voice - 905.928.5566

       Sales: sales@kkti.com
       Support: support@kkti.com

    We provide same day support to all of our web development clients...

    Just call us or email us and your issue will be handled immediately!